Govern Cloud with Ease

Check for security, cost optimization, efficiency, adherence to best practices, and reliability across cloud environments and providers – all in one place.
Kaytu Dashboard

The Power of One Platform

Gain visibility of all assets, track spending, and identify security issues across cloud environments in one powerful platform.
Audit-Ready, Every Day

Audit-Ready, Every Day

Audit your cloud environments against 30+ Industry Compliance Standards such as SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR, with a click of a button.
Resolve and Prevent issues

Resolve and Prevent issues

Don’t be limited to identifying issues; Resolve them with our AI-powered Issue Resolver that provides actionable solutions.
Track spend, Reduce wastage.

Track spend, Reduce wastage

Centralize spend tracking across multiple clouds, accounts, and subscriptions. Identify hotspots, track trends, and optimize spending.
Gauge Progress, over time

Gauge Progress over time

See your trends and measure your progress with 12+ months of history.

Why Kaytu ?

No agents to deploy or disruptive changes to roll out.
We rely purely on metadata. All your data is segregated and relies on metadata.
With our SaaS platform, there is no infrastructure to manage, and we seamlessly scale to your growth.
Codify Without Coding
No scripting or proprietary languages required. Our platform relies on easy-to-write ANSI SQL queries.
Ease of Use
Our platform comes with an intuitive UI, CLI, and API for those who need them.
Seamless Onboarding
Effortlessly onboard 1 to 100 Cloud Accounts in under 30 minutes with just five simple clicks.
Kaytu enables code-like governance with GIT as the metadata source of truth.
Easily integrate your favorite tools like Slack or JIRA and receive event alerts.

Kaytu offers the most comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities to get you started


Cloud Services and Resource Supported


Compliance Benchmarks


Months of history
One platform for governing assets, spend, and security across your enterprise cloud.

Gain complete asset visibility.
Identify wasteful spend.
Surface security issues and fix them