Improve Workload Efficiency

Boost efficiency and cut cost of Cloud and Kubernetes workloads by 60% with intelligent, non-disruptive optimization insights.

Kaytu CLI is open source and free for use
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What we do

"kay-two" monitors workloads and metrics from tools like Prometheus, providing actionable insights for SRE and DevOps teams to reduce cloud bills by 30-60%.

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  • Reduce Kubernetes Costs

    Join 50 others comapnies and reduce Kubernetes costs by 50%. Install the Kaytu with provided helm chart, and undstand usage, pinpoint waste in under a minute.

  • Rightsize VMs

    Reduce your VM costs by 30% with simple operational changes on AWS, Azure, and GCP with out impacting performance.

  • Reduce AWS Database Spend

    Size your RDS to your actual usage and save 40% on your RDS spend.

Why Kaytu?

Our platform helps SREs, and DevOps cut costs and improve workload efficiency, intelligently.

  • Automated Waste Discovery

    Kaytu's platform scans multiple environments to automatically identify and understand explicit waste, ensuring optimal resource utilization with minimal manual intervention.

  • Continous Optimization

    Our platform continuously monitors your workload configuration, performance, and metrics from observability tools, using your preferences to determine the most optimal configuration.

  • Evidence Based Insights

    All insights and optimization recommendations include human readable AI-validated justifications to ensure Engineers are able to act on the recommendations and realize savings.

  • Peak Efficiency

    With Efficiency Index (EI), track your cloud stack's overall efficiency, ensuring continued operation efficiency while adapting to changing usage patterns without sacrificing reliability.

We're very easy to use

We take pride in our speed and simplicity. Here's a walkthrough of what it takes to optimize a Kubernetes cluster.

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    Install CLI

    Kaytu CLI runs natively on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

    Install CLI
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    Connect to Kubernetes Cluster

    Connect you your Kubernetes Cluster to gather the metrics.

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    Run Optimization Inspector

    This will read-only operation will trigger the CLI to gather utilization metrics and present non-disruptive recommendations.

    Run Optimer
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    Review your results

    Results take 30-45 seconds to load on most clusters. If your cluster has over 100 nodes or contains more than 5,000 pods, it might take up to 2 mins.

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Our impact is real

  • 95 Seconds

    Time spent by our users to identify the source of waste and understand reduction measures.

  • 33% Savings

    Average savings for our users from our evidence-based optimizer.

  • 50+ Enterprise customers

    Samsung, Fastly, and Lyft are some large enterprises that rely on us to cut waste.