About Us

Empower every organization to make better decisions with technology that offers unparalleled clarity.

Our Identity

Our company's name and brand are inspired by K2, one of the world's most formidable mountains to climb. This name reflects our commitment to taking on tough challenges and striving for excellence in our field, much like the brave climbers who conquer K2's daunting heights.It is also a constant reminder to our team of our drive to be resilient and persevere in our pursuit of excellence. Our company is pronounced 'Kay Two,' phonetically noted as /ˌkeɪ ˈtuː/.

Our Story

At Kaytu, we're passionate about developing technology that simplifies the complex, champions transparency and accountability, and uplifts everyone to their highest capability.Our three engineer-founders have personally experienced both the transformative impact and the subsequent challenges that the Cloud & DevOps revolution has brought. It has revolutionized product development, service delivery, IT operations, and security with unprecedented innovation and agility.However, it has also posed challenges: managing rising cloud costs, striking a balance between underutilized and over-provisioned infrastructure, the proliferation of tools needed for governance, and mitigating security risks due to cloud misconfigurations.Kaytu’s unified platform streamlines cloud management by providing a cohesive view of infrastructure, costs, and security. Our extensive library of integrations allows for seamless connection with your existing tools and systems, offering clear insights across all business areas—encompassing products, environments, and applications—thus enabling teams to efficiently tackle their most significant challenges.

Our team

Anil Chandra
Anil ChandraCo-Founder & CEO
Saleh Khazaei
Saleh KhazaeiCo-Founder & CTO
Mahan Zendedel
Mahan ZendedelCo-Founder & VP Engineering

Product Principles.

Continuous Value
We strive to provide value with every release, helping our customers achieve better outcomes.
Our products deliver actionable information, supplemented by AI-powered, human-vetted solutions, to effectively resolve issues.
Where appropriate, we remain impartial to the customer's tooling and processes. Although we integrate with other tools, all our platform features capabilities are independent and do not require external tools.
Design for Everyone
Our products are designed for all users, regardless of their proficiency level. Our focus on usability extends beyond the web interfaces to our CLI and API structures.
We are committed to providing an authentic customer experience by maintaining transparency in our design, offerings, and pricing.
Empowering Users
Our products are designed to empower users, enabling them to excel in their jobs and roles, ultimately adding value to their communities and organizations.